Thursday, January 31, 2008

Working For The Weekend


With a deep sigh of relief Friday is finally here... I know that I have not been very faithful to updating my blog page. I just finished an assignment due for this week and since I am not eager to get up from my seat I thought I would update my blog page while I'm at my computer. So let me take a moment and explain why I am not so eager to get up. Well, let me begin by setting the scene of the accident. On Tuesday, at 1:10 CST my fourth grade students and I are getting ready to head outside to the portable where our guidance classes are held. As my class lines up we head out into the extremely cold and out of the ordinary windy conditions. I drop off my class and head back to classroom which is almost beside one another.

As I approach my outside door I trip, lose my balance, and do not have time to gain control. Down to the ground like quicksand I went. It happened so fast that I did not have time to brace my fall. I hit the concrete so hard that I removed several layers of skin from my entire right kneecap and have severely sprained my left ankle. While, laying on the sidewalk I realize no one is coming by to help me and crawl back to my door and pull myself up enough to unlock the door. I fall into the door and lay in the floor in anticpation that my assistant is soon coming. Thank goodness! As she comes in she panics and immeditely went to round up the nurse, assistant principal and custodian. They all thought it was broken so I called home and mom came to pick me up. The doctor says it could be a hairline fracture. Anyway, I am now on crutches with a foot swollen the size of a hot-air ballon. I truly work with a great group of people. Many children in my class are those of teachers and/or assistants and text message me to make sure I was okay since I did not get to tell them good-bye. The staff has bent over backwards to assure that I am comfortable and taking care of myself. I have worked on crutches for two days and must say if it's not going to snow I'm ready for a weekend.


Lindsey said...

hope you feel better! falling is never fun :)

The Davis Family said...

Oh gosh! That's awful. Hope you heal soon!!

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Oh no. I hope it gets better real fast so you can get back to normalcy!

The Lankford Family said...

oh no Summershea! Hope you start feeling better.