Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hopping Into A New Teaching Adventure

When you first hear that someone is a teacher, one might think it sure would be nice to have the summer off. If you are a teacher you know that having the summer off is only a myth. This year I am moving uptown as my colleagues like to say. As the teaching assignments were given the last week of May I found out I would be teaching Middle School Science. Indeed, I'm on the move again. This will my third move in 5 years of teaching. There are advantages and disadvantages to being moved so often. As an administrator one moves a teacher for either good or bad reasons. I have been assured that this is to challenge me as an educator and give me the experiences I need to one day reach my future career goals. I am excited and nervous about the drastic change, but I realize that God only puts on us what he knows we can handle. What doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger.

I will be teaching four fifty-mintue classes consisting of two eight grade sections, one seventh grade section and a sixth grade section. The rest of the day I will be invovled in a new state required intervention program called RTI (Readiness to Intervention). This program invovles one-on-one tutoring with at-risk students K-3.

I've been busy lately with trying to plan how to decorate my room. I have finally decided to have a classroom theme of frogs. My classroom motto will be "Leap Into Learning." I have my work cut out for me on the agenda this summer
  1. fill in the one hundred holes in my walls (the teacher before me loved to hang things with bolts, MEN!)
  2. paint the front three walls dark green
  3. paint a cabinet a lighter shade of green and trim in the same dark green
  4. touch up the white walls
  5. draw a mural (I will attempt to do this myself, I have made a sketch)
  6. decorate the walls
  7. organize the furniture
  8. unpack my storage bins
  9. hang bullentin board in hall for student work
  10. look at the state standards
  11. familarize myself with the curriculum
  12. mentally prepare
  13. post pictures for you to see of "our new pad"

Of yes, I am also sponsoring Student Council this year so if you currently sponsor or ever have I would love to hear from you on some things you know that works with the club.

Thanks for hopping by...

Hope you are having a good summer

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