Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Official Their Having a Baby Boy!

I am proud to announce that today Steven and Krystal found out they will be the proud parents of a baby boy. As many of you know all of the children in our family on Krystal's side of the family have been girls. However, all the children in Steven's family had been boys. So we knew it was strictly a 50/50 chance. As of today it is official the new addition to our family will be a baby boy. I am really excited for them both as they experience having a child for the first time. It is making me feel older and older because who knew I would be so eager to have a new baby in the family. I have been shopping since the day she told me they were expecting. So far the baby is healthy with ten fingers and ten toes. Please continue to pray for the mother-to-be and baby boy on the way. O' yes and the daddy-to-be as he has been sleepless nights ahead.

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Lindsey said...

aww yay! and it doesnt even seem that she is prego in that picture... is she? :)