Monday, April 21, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

Yet again it has been too long since I have updated my blog page. Even though, I haven't had the time to update my blog page I have been browsing through the pages of those of you who do keep yours up-to-date. I truly enjoy reading each of your pages and viewing the wonderful pictures of memorable moments in your lives.

I am so excited that for the next two weeks I am able to yield on the shoulder of the road awaiting the next roadblocks in my life.

Since last updating my blog page I have speed through life and several eye opening events.
  1. I have officially lost 24 pounds.
  2. I attended my uncle's 50th birthday bash in Nashville.
  3. I reconnected with a childhood friend that I haven't spoke with in eight years.
  4. I have successfully finished my fourth course toward my doctorate degree.
  5. I have put TCAP Week behind me.
  6. I was kept at school with fellow collegues, parents and students in a tornado warning that was thought to be heading straight for our school a couple of Friday's ago.

Yes, you must read the last statement once again. At 2:35 a few Friday's ago our administrator came over the intercom and announced we would be dismissing early. She was very calm as she requested that all teachers were to report to bus duty immediately. Typically, only five teachers are on bus duty each afternoon. So, I knew immediately something was out of the ordinary. As I reached the gym with my class I had no idea of what was about to happen. Within ten min. the school was in the gym and the administrator had announced to "teachers only" a tornado cell had been spotted in Cumberland County and we had to seek shelter right away. She began giving teachers and students vital information and areas to report because there were to many people to report to our assigned areas. I was supervising the last bus dismissed on the floor. Before I had successfully moved the students into the hall there was a power outage. My heart dropped as I was trying to calm myself, comfort the older students, and be responsible for the small students that I had been separated from due to the power outage. I must say I have never been so concerned for the safety of myself and/or others at any point in my life up to that day. A deputy was sent to each school to ensure safety and order within the building. The severe weather was right over our county as parent pick-up was about to be released. Therefore educators, bus drivers, parents and students were held at school until released about 5:00 that afternoon when the warning had expired. Our school was sitting directly in the path that weather metorologists had predicted the storm to take. As a blessing and many answered prayers the storm took a different path than predicted. During, that short time I realized that every day must be considered a blessing. This situation was the most eye-opening experience I have ever had during my teaching career.

Looking Forward To...

  1. Thank goodness it's finally spring break
  2. No college classes till May 5th
  3. My weekend getaway to Pigeon Forge
  4. Steven and Krystal finding out Wednesday if their having a baby boy or girl

May God Bless,



Lindsey said...

you go girl... 24 lbs!!! and i cant wait to hear the news on a girl or boy.. update us soon!

Wadsworth Family- said...

How did ya lose the weight? I've got to lose 15 pounds before my dance recital on June 7th!