Thursday, February 19, 2009

Men are like shoes...

I've always gotten a laugh out of the "Men are like ___." sentences...found them amusing, but also thought they were quite stereotypical and not something I would ever actually believe. It was this week that I realized that, for me, men and shoes have one big thing in common.

No, it's not that I walk all over them. No, I don't pick a different one each day. And no, I most certainly do not prefer men two at a time.

With each one, a "aha" moment occurs at which I see and feel the attraction...and this happens most often very soon after the first interaction/view.

In middle school, I remember one shoe-hunting mission with my mother. I would walk into shoe store after shoe store, take a quick lap around the store and resolutely state that I liked nothing in the store. At first she understood, but after weeks and many stores later, she was ready to give up on me. I couldn't explain what I wanted...when asked, I replied with "plain white shoes"...but didn't like Keds or similar white sneakers. (Always picky.)

We walked into one store, I found one pair of shoes and said "These." (Of course they were not plain white.) Tried them on, and they fit wonderfully... went to the register and was the next person up when we decided to check the price. Unfortunately, that put us back to square one...and I'm sure put many more gray hairs on her head.

So, to adapt this to men and explain my position a little more.... There is always a "aha" moment when I can tell that I am attracted to and really want to get to know a guy. (Of course it's different from just an attraction.) And I've found that if that "aha" moment doesn't happen, I'm most likely not going to like the guy. Yes, I am stubborn, but that's not what this is. I am not making this rule, it is simply what I've observed.

With men, I also can't explain what I'm looking for. I've never really tried... but my taste has always been varied. Although, at twenty-six and dating more than fourteen men I am searching for that perfect fit. Where is my matching shoe?

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