Saturday, November 10, 2007

Get Your Motor Running... Get Out The Highway!

Stone Memorial Panthers Host "Run to Read"
5k/3 miles Run
Get your motor running... Get on the highway! was the tune in my head this morning as I woke up and grabbed my new Nike running shoes to run the 5k hosted by Stone Memorial High School. This event was held as a fundraiser for their library to purchase new books needed to meet the Southern Accreditation of Schools standards. As many of you probably do each year I am faithful to make a New Year resolution. In 2005, I promised myself that I would begin exercising more frequently. In order to accomplish my 2005 New Year resolution I purchased a membership with Rush Fitness and began my exercise regimen with a personal trainer. Then, in 2006 I promised myself that I would become more health conscience. So to accomplish my goal I have continued my exercise regimen and began focusing on my eating habits. I have continued to fulfill both of my prior New Year resolutions and have lost sixteen pounds over the last twenty-two weeks. I feel the best I have since graduating high school in 2000. I can't believe it I've lost six dress sizes and can fit back into my clothes from high school. Well, as many of you are aware another year is just around the corner so I've started early on my next New Year resolution. What you probably do not know is that I have recently picked up a new hobby. Yes, I am running slowing but surely. I remember I hated running in middle school and high school during cheerleading. It is amazing how motivating an IPod, new running shoes and the support of friends can do. Over the past several months I have been speed walking, jogging, and running when and if I have time through the week. I must admit it is not as often as I would like or need. Mom and I ran our first 5k "Tiger Trot" on May 19th 2007. Unfortunately, I was not strong enough to run the entire race, but I was proud of both of our accomplishments. In May's race I finished the 3 mile run in 44:30.5. This week I registered us both to run our second 5k the "Run to Read" hosted by Stone Memorial High School. I am proud to share with you we both improved our time. As I crossed the Race Solutions finish line the clock read 38 minutes. I feel this was a major accomplishment. Race Solutions will post the final time on their website When it is posted I will let you know my improved time. Until next time remember a healthy body promotes a healthy mind.

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Wadsworth Family- said...

I am proud of you! I loaned out an old cheerleading outfit of mine for a 6th grader to wear for Halloween and keptl ooking at it thinking how in the world did I fit into this thing.....After Lake, My body is nothinglike it used to be. I definately need to start a fitness program! Amanda