Sunday, August 19, 2007

Miss Shadden's Classroom

Picture 1:

My First Bulletin Board of the New School Year

Picture 2:
Awards won by my class in the county-wide Science Fair 2007.

Picture 3:
Our classroom Reading corner.

Picture 4:
Our classroom educational center.

Picture 4:
Miss Shadden's teaching area.

Finally, as many of you have requested I have posted pictures of my new fourth grade classroom. During my first three years of teaching I taught fifth grade. So this year I requested to be moved down. My request was granted although, I was only moved one grade down and one classroom over. I spent all summer working to move furniture, setup my room, and decorating a new classroom. As many of you that know me well understand I have a very positive attitude and cheerful personality. I consider teaching a true passion. I teach in a very low socioeconomic school so most children have very challenging home lives. I try to welcome every student with a smile and energetic greeting to my classroom. Many students actually have nicknamed me "Miss Smiley." To portray a happy environment I have made my classroom theme each year smiley faces. My collection is rapidly growing, but my heart melts each time a child walks through my classroom door and that overwhelming smile comes over their face as they look around.

  • Hope you enjoy the snapshots of my new classroom.
TEACHER'S NOTE: I created the above bullentin board by hand. I make alot of my bullentin board sets myself to reduce the cost of buying pre-made sets. It's amazing what a projector, markers, and time can do.


Anonymous said...

its looks great! good luck this year, i hope you enjoy your move to 4th!!!

Wadsworth Family- said...

It looks go good. Those sign-making cheerleading days come in handy! Amanda

Jeremy and Lacy said...

I love your classroom!! You did a great job on your board...I am sure a lot of hard work went into that!!