Friday, August 3, 2007

Surprise! Teachers Take a Field Trip

As many of you know by now I am officially back to work for another adventurous school year. This week has consisted of both administrative days and various inservice workshops. However, yesterday was like nothing I've ever experienced before. On Tuesday, our principal told us that later in the week she had planned a surprise field trip for us. She explained to us that all teachers, assistants, office personnel, custodians, and cafeteria workers would be riding a school bus to a undisclosed location. The only information we were given was to wear blue jeans and tennis shoes on Thursday. The anticipation began to build and so did the questions. So she told us... we were not allowed to wear our bikini, we were not allowed to bring our beer coolers, no kids allowed, and if we brought our iPod on the bus she was not responsible for it. Of course, I was busting at the seams with excitement. So we loaded the bus just like a group a children on their first field trip, but we still didn't know where we were headed. The bus driver hit Hwy. 70 and took a right turn. Were we going to the State Park? Were we going to Chuckles to play laser tag? We came to the Interstate ramp, but we didn't get on the Interstate. The anxiety continued to build among the staff as we went straight through town. We were out of guesses and then had no idea where we were headed. Finally, we reached our destination the 4-H camp. We wondered what was in store. As we got off the bus we entered the dining hall for breakfast. Then we broke up into 2 teams for stretches. O' No! What were we in for? The leaders then told us we were there to complete the teamwork challenge course. Each group had to work through 3 activities that required every team member to use their strenghs and knowlegde. We had to balance our weight evenly on this odd contraption. Then we had to complete a rope swing from one side to the other. Finally, was the trust fall. We walked up a set of steps to a platform that was about 7 feet in the air, if not more. Our team lined up in two lines, one across from the other on the ground. We turned around backwards, then crossed our arms and blindly fell backwards into the trusting, loving arms of our colleagues. I now have a new found trust in all of my co-workers, even the chickens. I was energized because I conquered my fear of heights and completed the free fall. On Thursday, I saw a whole new side to my colleagues. It's a memory for the scrapbook. If your workplace has never taken time to share in a day like this I recommend that you suggest it to the boss because it was an awesome bonding experience. To follow was lunch, and a leadership seminar. We wrapped up with fruit snacks and headed back to the bus.

NOTE: I do have photos of this event and my new classroom that will be posted very soon.

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Wadsworth Family- said...

I'm excited about school starting also! I love the smells of new crayons and pencils. Hope all is well, Amanda